Because You're Ready To TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH

We are looking for a maximum of 10 people to paricipate in the inaugural 5 WEEK KICKSTART KETOSIS LIVE program starting Monday, November 27th 2017! 

This five-week program will turn your body into a fat burnng machine and includes: 

  • Expertise of someone who has turned from a sugar burner to fat burner in a small group setting
  • Unlimied access to 5 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists given week by week! 
  • Facebook Community with access to the group for daily accountability, training and Q&A calls 
  • Training on ketosis so you have an understanding of what's going on in your body and why this WORKS
  • LIVE Weekly Q&A calls where you can get all of your questions answered 
  • A mindset module to clear up some of the head trash associated with a lifestyle change  
  • Progress Worksheet to fill in as you go 
  • Ketone Meter and Blood test strips so you can see your progress week to week
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A Note from your Keto Guide 

“ When I transitioned from eating the standard american diet, to a ketogenic diet I experienced increased energy levels, weight loss, and extreme mental clarity. I can't imagine going back to the way I was fueling my body before.”