Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about who could benefit from a Ketogenic way of life, or more commonly referred to as a Ketogenic Diet. There are three main groups of people that may want to look into Keto.

1) Energy: Those of us who could use more energy in our lives. This is the reason I started Keto two years ago and my energy has sky rocketed!

2) Therapeutic: For people who have obesity, IBS, Diabetes, heart burn, and other illnesses that medical professionals who are aware of the ketogenic diet are prescribing to patients.
* Quick Note: If you decide to start Keto and are reversing some of your symptoms, medications that you may be on to regulate symptoms may become too strong for you. I suggest meeting with a medical professional who understands and supports low carb and ketogenic diets to regulate this.
A list of doctors that understand and appreciate low carb diets in the US can be found here: I have noticed that some of these doctors have moved to new locations or are no longer practicing but it is a great place to start!

3) Preventative: Keto can be used as a preventative measure for things like diabetes and dementia. If you have recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, a ketogenic lifestyle could do wonders for you reversing the path to diabetes. In the book Brain Grain by Dr. David Perlmutter there was a strong case made for a low carb or ketogenic diet being beneficial to prevent dementia. He even goes on to say that healthy natural fats help you build a better brain!

Additional benefits of keto include weight loss, lack of cravings and hunger suppression. This makes sense for most people who are following the ‘standard american diet’ (SAD) guidelines which include grains, sugar and processed food. When you go from a diet filled with processed food to one filled with natural healthy fats, moderate protein and low carbohydrates you are bound to lose weight. Add that to the fact that fats keep you full longer than carbs and you are no longer eating sugar which would perpetuate your sugar cravings and you have a beautiful combination. If you would like to continue this conversation join us at